Introduction (excerpt)
This part of the introduction explains how I decided to write this book.

Chapter 4: Auburn University (excerpt)
Randy, a heavy-drinking fraternity member, tries to work up the courage to talk to “Dream Girl,” a beautiful sorority girl he sees every time he goes to the bar.

Chapter 14: Tufts University (excerpt)
Nora, a shy, disaffected sophomore, has just started hanging out at a co-op that plans to host a drug-fueled orgy at the end of the week.

Chapter 20: Brigham-Young University (excerpt)
The Mormon students at BYU show the author the strange appeal of a college experience that doesn’t include sex or alcohol.

Chapter 22: UC Berkeley (excerpt)
A former radical anarchist reflects on his political motivations as he begins a new life as a graffiti artist.

Chapter 7: University of Tennessee (excerpt)
The author accidentally goes undercover at a Tennessee fraternity and is shocked when the members begin telling him their secrets.

Chapter 19: Texas A&M (excerpt)
Gabe, a non-religious student, is invited to attend one of the largest weekly Christian gatherings in the country.

Chapter 2: Baylor University (full chapter)
Kevin is researching fish reproduction, and he applies what he’s learning about fish to dating and relationships on campus.

Chapter 15: Rhode Island School of Design (excerpt)
Mary struggles to create art at a school that places high demands on its students.

Chapter 16: Middlebury College (full chapter)
Dominic consults his large group of male friends for relationship advice as his new love interest exhibits increasingly confusing behavior.

Chapter 6: “Charlton University” (excerpt)
Baseball players from an unnamed school spend the week boasting about their past sexual encounters.