Legal Disclaimer

Every story in this book is true. The only details that have been changed are names and identifying details to protect privacy. After these details have been changed, if any characters resemble any real persons, living or dead, it is entirely coincidental.

The dialogue throughout the book is accurate. I took notes in real-time, and when the conversation moved too fast for notes, I used an audio recorder with subject’s consent.

All subjects agreed to participate in this book and gave me full permission to tell their stories, except for a few instances when I went undercover (Bob Jones and Tennessee). Each of my hosts has had the opportunity to read their chapter and suggest changes when it affects their privacy and anonymity. I have agreed to every change suggested.

These stories are about individuals, not about their schools. The students in this book are not representatives of their universities. I say this as a legal disclaimer, as well as a sincere expression of truth. You should not use this book to make any judgments about universities.

This book contains adult content and is not meant to be read by individuals under 18 years of age unless they have parental consent.